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Why is SHCU Important?

What is a U-factor?

The rate of heat loss is indicated in terms of the U-factor of a window. The lower the U-value, the greater a window’s resistance to heat flow and the better it insulating properties. In other words, the U-factor is used ...

The Literature refers to insulated glass. What is it?

Insulated glass refers two pieces of glass that are sealed to a spacer, providing an air pocket in between. This results in better thermal performance and reduces condensation by keeping heat inside and cold outside.

OK, Low-E Glass. Huh?

Low-e stands for low emissivity and is the relative of the surface to emit energy by radiation. In layman’s terms, low-E reflects heat energy and stops it from passing through. Low-E glass is just a microscopically thin, transparent coating – ...

Argon & Krypton Gas?

Argon and Krypton are the gas fills used most often to displace air between the panels in windows to increase a windows thermal performance. Both gases are invisible, non-toxic gases which work better than atmospheric air to lower thermal conductivity.

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