What is Condensation and What Can You Do?

Each year, the arrival of winter brings cold weather and questions about condensation with it. The cold air brings moisture which may form as condensation on your window.

The first reaction may be to blame the windows, yet the windows are not to blame, in fact, the condensation is a sign that they are doing their job very well. They are keeping the cold air out and the warm air in…the perfect environment for condensation to form.

But the condensation can still be irritating and in extreme cases, damaging.

What causes condensation? Condensation is caused by excessive water vapor in the air, the temperature of the air and air circulation or movement. When you see condensation it is a sign that there is too much water vapor, humidity in your home.

So what is to be done?

  1. Control Relative Humidity
    • Make sure that the home is properly vented,
    • Use exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to remove excess moisture from the home
    • Make sure the basement or crawl space is properly sealed or protected from ground moisture
    • Ventilate the attic and crawl spaces to promote evaporation
    • Ventilate all appliances to the outside, not the attic or crawl space
  2. Maintain Good Air Temperature – Make sure that your heating system is working effectively and efficiently
  3. Install a dehumidifier
  4. Open windows and doors occasionally to allow interior moisture to escape